1.  Do not give a recorded statement to any adverse insurance company.  The statements are taken to advance the company’s interests, not yours.

2. Take pictures of cars, the accident, scene and people.  These can be invaluable pieces of evidence that usually cannot be replicated later.

3. Get full contact information for any favorable witnesses or passersby.  This means full names, addresses and phone numbers.  Don’t rely on the police to do it.

4. Don’t wait to get medical treatment.  A delay in seeking treatment is nearly always used by insurance companies to try and defeat or diminish your claim.

5. Provide a clear history of accident to each doctor.  “I was stopped and hit from behind at high speed” or “I was struck by a car that disobeyed a stop sign” provides a much better history than, a generic, “I was in an accident.”  This history can be used later when the doctor testifies at deposition or trial.

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