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Defendant - Family Planning Associates

Plaintiff told by abortion clinic that she could not change her mind about having a late-term abortion after laminaria, a device used to dilate the cervix, were inserted. This statement is false. A woman can change her mind about having an abortion and carry the child to term. Three interlocutory appeals were taken in this case. A confidential settlement was reached just prior to the trial in this case.

Abortion Malpractice

At the Oak Lawn, Illinois, law office of Injury Lawyers, William S. Wojcik, Ltd., we represent women in abortion malpractice claims against abortionists, abortion clinics, physicians, and family planning providers. Complications of abortion can be serious, resulting in permanent injury or wrongful death. If these complications were caused by negligence on the part of the abortion provider, you may be eligible to file a malpractice claim.

The medical complications from abortions include perforation of the uterus, hemorrhage, endotoxic shock, cervical lacerations, infection and long-term complications such as increased cancer risk, sterility or pelvic inflammatory disease. These complications can arise because of treatment during pre-op, during the procedure itself or during the post-operative follow-up.

Women have the right to change their minds and withdraw from an abortion procedure. If you are denied that right, you may have a malpractice claim and a wrongful death claim for the loss of your unborn child.

Abortionists must administer the correct pre-operative tests to minimize these complications, some of which arise because of unidentified conditions such as hemophilia, or the presence of STDs such as chlamydia. If you or someone you love has been injured, killed or made ill because of the negligence of an abortion clinic, contact the experienced abortion malpractice lawyer at the Law Offices of William S. Wojcik, Ltd. We use our abortion malpractice litigation experience to help women injured by abortionists.

In addition to medical complications, legal complications of abortions can arise. Patients must be provided full and accurate information about the procedure at every stage, and they must give informed consent throughout the process. If they have not been given the chance to provide informed consent, patients' rights have probably been violated. Unregulated abortions or unlawful clinics frequently result in both medical and legal complications. Our attorney has argued and won lawsuits and appeals on the issues of unregulated abortion and on the absence of informed consent.

Contact an abortion malpractice lawyer who understands the legal, medical and emotional complications that can arise from an incomplete or incorrectly managed abortion procedure. Call the Law Offices of William S. Wojcik, Ltd. We offer a free initial consultation and will handle your malpractice case on a contingency basis.


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