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Oak Lawn is a large village in Cook County, with a population of 56,690 as of the 2010 census. The village is one of the most beautiful places to live in Cook County with a fantastic community and a large collection of wonderful natural parks. The parks in Oak Lawn include the natural and wild Wolfe Wildlife Refuge, the beautiful Oak Meadows Park in the heart of the village, and the Oak Lawn Park District, which is home to many excellent sporting facilities, leisure activities, and space for the whole family to have fun. The current Mayor of Oak Lawn is Sandra Bury.

There are many more exciting attractions and sporting grounds in and around Oak Lawn, like the Children’s Museum and Stony Creek Golf Course – the perfect destination for avid golfers! To accompany the great variation of activities in Oak Lawn, there’s also a number of outstanding restaurants to stop off at for a bite to eat. Restaurants like Francesca’s on 95th, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant, and Flap Jacks of Oak Lawn are hugely popular in the local area.  

The village is bustling with activity, enjoying a good balance between commercial businesses and residential properties. Oak Lawn is also perfectly situated to enjoy great transport links to Downtown Chicago, the Chicago Midway International Airport, and to SeatGeek Stadium. However, like other villages with excellent transport links, many accidents and injuries occur in Oak Lawn, IL every year.

Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Toyota Park 2018
Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Toyota Park 2018

Oak Lawn IL AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY & Personal Injury Lawyer

From automobile accidents that result in serious injuries, to trips and falls outside of the home, if you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to a financial settlement. For automobile and personal injury legal advice in Oak Lawn, IL, William S. Wojcik, Ltd. is the experienced law office to call.

Auto Accident Legal Advice in Oak Lawn IL

Hundreds of thousands of auto accidents occur in Illinois every year, leaving many people with serious injuries. In the worst cases, auto accidents can be fatal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year in the United States around 30,000 people are killed in vehicle traffic crashes.

Auto accidents can be the result of adverse weather, driver errors, hazards on the road, or vehicle failure, amongst many other causes. You can call William S. Wojcik, Ltd. for auto accident legal advice in Oak Lawn regarding any of the following common automobile accidents:

  • Car Accidents

Car accidents happen very regularly on a national scale, but they also occur on a frequent basis in Oak Lawn, IL, where they’re reported in the local traffic report. If you’ve been involved in any car accident, from minor collisions that have resulted in whiplash, to much more serious accidents like vehicle rollovers or head-on collisions, then please get into contact with William S. Wojcik, Ltd. today.

  • Motorcycle Accidents

Being involved in a motorcycle crash can be very serious. With only minimal protection in the event of an accident, injuries from motorcycle accidents can often be severe, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones and spinal cord injuries. For minor to severe injuries, William S. Wojcik, Ltd. can help you to get the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, pain, suffering, and the many additional expenses that can occur after an accident.

  • Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents can be the result of weather problems, maintenance issues, or negligence on the road. If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident that was the fault of another, William S. Wojcik, Ltd. offer comprehensive legal aid in Oak Lawn, IL to help you get the settlement you’re entitled to.

  • Bicycle Accidents

It’s not just the drivers or passengers of automobiles that can experience injury or fatality on the road. According to NHTSA, in both 2015 and 2016, more than 800 cyclists were killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes. For advice on claiming compensation after a bicycle accident, contact William S. Wojcik, Ltd. for expert Oak Lawn, IL legal advice.

What to Do If You’re Injured in an Automobile Accident in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Automobile accidents occur on a far too frequent basis in Oak Lawn Illinois. Accidents can range from drivers ignoring the red light cameras around Oak Lawn and causing other drivers to stop abruptly, to drivers going too fast on icy roads and colliding with other vehicles.  

Red light Cameras located in the Following Oak Lawn IL Locations:

  • 95th St at Ridgeland Ave - Westbound.

  • 95th St at Cicero Ave - Eastbound.

  • Cicero Ave at 95th St – Northbound.

  • Southwest Hwy at 97th St – Northeast bound.

  • Pulaski Rd at 95th St - Southbound.

  • 111th St at Cicero Ave - Eastbound.

  • 111th St at Cicero Ave - Westbound.

Here’s what to do if you’re injured in an automobile accident in Oak Lawn, IL:

  • Seek medical attention even if there are no visible signs of an injury.

  • Exchange your information with other parties involved in the accident.

  • Talk to any witnesses of the accident and record their statements.

  • Take photos of the accident.

  • Contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident.

  • Record any expenses that occur as a result of the accident and injury.

  • Call an automobile accident attorney in Oak Lawn, Illinois to discuss a compensation claim.

For professional auto accident legal advice in Oak Lawn, IL contact the friendly team at William S. Wojcik, Ltd. as soon as possible after an accident.

Accidents that results in a personal injury in Oak Lawn, IL:

You could be walking your dog in Bailey’s Crossing Dog Park when you suddenly become the victim of a dog attack; you might be at work when you slip on the floor; or you could be walking down to the Green Oak Shopping Center when you trip on the pavement. Experiencing an accident can be very traumatic and leave you suffering from physical injuries and/or emotional distress.

What to Do After You’ve Suffered a Personal Injury in Oak Lawn, Illinois:

  • Get medical attention as some injuries may not be immediately apparent.

  • Talk to any witnesses of the accident and get their contact information.

  • Write down everything you know about the accident, including street names and names of other parties involved.

  • Take photos of the accident location and any visible injuries.

  • Report the accident (this could be to the police or property-owners where the accident took place).

  • Keep track of any expenses that occur due to the injury.

  • Contact an attorney in Oak Lawn, IL legal advice about claiming for compensation.

Have you been in an accident and require an experienced Oak Lawn, IL personal injury lawyer? Contact William S. Wojcik, Ltd. today for fast, friendly legal advice.

Are You Entitled to a Legal Settlement?

Claiming for an injury that occurred as a result of an accident can sometimes be a very complicated matter. There will be a number of factors involved that will determine your eligibility to claim for a legal settlement. Two of the most important of these are fault and time.

  • Fault – As Illinois is an at-fault state, to claim compensation for an injury the accident that caused the injury must be the majority fault of another party. This means that either through intentional actions or negligence, another party must be more than 50% responsible for the accident.

  • Time – In Illinois, there’s no limit to the amount of damage compensation that you can claim for personal injuries. However, there’s a limit on the time that you have to make a claim. Legal action must begin within two years of the accident for personal injury claims and five years for property damage.

Free Legal Consultations in Oak Lawn, IL

It’s essential that you seek the advice of a professional personal injury attorney in Oak Lawn, IL as soon as possible after an accident, so you have plenty of time to form a claim. If you’ve been injured in the last two years as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, then contact William S. Wojcik, Ltd. today on (708) 223-7974 for a free legal consultation.

Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Bridgeview Public Library 2018
Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd.

Legal Settlement Case Studies

Below are some examples of the many auto & car accident and personal injury cases that we have settled in recent years:


$2,100,000.00 million settlement for a 34 year old Lemont pipefitter who was injured when he tripped and fell on stairs at a newly opened commercial office building in Western Springs received $2.1 million in a settlement approved by a Cook County judge. Steven Brocken suffered an ankle sprain which required surgery and developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in his left foot and ankle according to his attorney, William S. Wojcik of Oak Lawn. The fall was unwitnessed. Mr. Brocken alleged that his fall was caused by a high stair riser in a rear stairwell at the building. The settlement ended a lawsuit that had been filed in 2006 against the building's owner, 800 Hillgrove LLC., its general contractor, Everett Builders and several sub-contractors.


Roofer fell through skylight opening in building under construction. 31 year old plaintiff suffered a herniated disc requiring surgery with instrumentation.


Deft Durley, waived on by stopped drivers in two of three lanes of traffic on southbound Cicero, made left turn onto westbound 78th St. Deft Talvera, driving a Custom Staffing Inc. (CSI) club wagon van (15-seats), switched to the open lane to bypass traffic and swerved onto 78th St. when he saw Durley, and broadsided pltfs' vehicle as they waited at a stop sign. F-51 sustained C6-C7 herniations with fusion ($53,000 medl., $26,000 LT as computer tech for IRS) and M-5I had two broken ribs ($7,000 medl. expense). Pltf brought willful and wanton entrustment count against CSI based on Talvera's poor driving record and alleged illegal alien status. Joint settlement paid $40,000 by Affirmative for Durley and $475,000 by Progressive for CSI.


$210,000 settlement plaintiff, female, 20, was driving her 2001 Pontiac Surefire eastbound on 159th Street on her way to attend college classes when she was struck from behind by defendant's cement truck. Plaintiff suffered whiplash syndrome and chronic headaches.

Contact William S. Wojcik Law Firm at (708) 223-7974

Have you or a loved one experienced a similar accident and want professional representation to get your case heard? Contact William S. Wojcik, Ltd. at (708) 223-7974 for experienced auto accident legal advice in Oak Lawn, IL.


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Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Bridgeview 2018 Park District
Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Bridgeview 2018 Park District