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The Village of Chicago Ridge, IL has a population of over 14,000 according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Considered a hidden gem amongst the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, the residents of Chicago Ridge take pride in being from the ‘Ridge.’ Chicago Ridge has an array of great restaurants to visit including Ichiban (Sushi) and Miller’s Ale House (Sports Bar) among the local favorites.

Having Chicago Ridge Mall in the heart of the village makes for lots of car and foot traffic. This increase in traffic can cause car accidents resulting in serious personal injuries for residents and visitors of Chicago Ridge.

William S. Wojcik, Ltd has represented residents from Chicago Ridge in Personal Injury as well as Medical Negligence Cases. If you have incurred a personal injury as the result of a Car Accident in Chicago Ridge, the law office of William S. Wojcik, Ltd. can represent your claim today.

We have won numerous million dollar settlements in Chicago and Chicago Ridge.

Chicago Ridge Personal Injury Attorney | William S. Wojcik, Ltd.
Chicago Ridge Personal Injury Lawyer | William S. Wojcik, Ltd


$3.4 million-dollar jury verdict for female auto passenger who suffered a cardiac tamponade when struck by alleged drunk driver who crossed center line of traffic. Plaintiff returned to full-time work 3-1/2 months after accident. The jury's verdict included $3.25 million dollars in compensatory damages, $50,000 to plaintiff's husband (who did not appear at trial) for loss of consortium, and $100,000 in punitive damages.


A tractor-trailer driver  made a left turn from northbound Archer into the Dolphin Cartage truckyard near Knox Street.A second driver, operating a Pontiac at substantial speed in rainy conditions, struck the rear tandem wheels of the trailer, causing F-16 backseat passenger to sustain torn descending aorta requiring a Hernashield graft, epidural hematoma, closed head injury causing ongoing headaches, and traumatic Bell's Palsy which has resolved ($235,000 medl. expense). Pltf is currently seeking her GED and plans to attend college. Confidential insurers paid $3,350,000 for the truck driver and $20,000 policy limit for the second driver.


Arising out of a lawsuit filed on behalf of a 42 year old woman injured in a 3 car accident on Western Avenue in Chicago.  Defendants disputed liability, and the nature and extent of plantiff's injuries.

For more information regarding a possible Car Accident Injury near 95th street in Chicago Ridge, read the 5 things you must know if you get in an accident below:

1.  Do not give a recorded statement to any adverse insurance company.  The statements are taken to advance the company’s interests, not yours.

2. Take pictures of cars, the accident, scene and people.  These can be invaluable pieces of evidence that usually cannot be replicated later.

3. Get full contact information for any favorable witnesses or passersby.  This means full names, addresses and phone numbers.  Don’t rely on the police to do it.

4. Don’t wait to get medical treatment.  A delay in seeking treatment is nearly always used by insurance companies to try and defeat or diminish your claim.

5. Provide a clear history of accident to each doctor.  “I was stopped and hit from behind at high speed” or “I was struck by a car that disobeyed a stop sign” provides a much better history than, a generic, “I was in an accident.”  This history can be used later when the doctor testifies at deposition or trial.

Give William S. Wojcik, Ltd., a call at  (708) 424-2121 to represent your Chicago Ridge accident claim

Chicago Ridge Personal Injury Attorney | William S. Wojcik, Ltd.
Chicago Ridge Personal Injury Attorney | William S. Wojcik, Ltd.

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