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Worth, Illinois - “The Friendly Village” is a charming village with a population of 10,833 people, located in a wonderful area of Cook County, Illinois. The area code for Worth is 708, and the zip code is 60482. The village is close to Oak Lawn, IL which is only 2.7 miles away, and Chicago, which is 12 miles away. Other nearby places include:

  • Chicago Ridge, IL (1.1 miles)

  • Palos Heights, IL (1.3 miles)

  • Palos Hills, IL (1.4 miles)

  • Palos Park, IL (1.7 miles)

  • Hickory Hills, IL (1.7 miles)

People have been settling in Worth since the 1830’s, and the village’s historic growth in popularity can be attributed to the construction of multiple canals, the Wabash Railroad, and a horse racing track (now the Holy Sepulcher Cemetery). There are many more facilities and services in Worth today, including the Worth Public Library District and Worth Fire Department.

Worth has a number of beautiful parks, including Baldwin Park, Peaks Park, Smile Park, and Stahlak Park, where there are playgrounds, picnic areas, skate parks, green-spaces, and ball-fields. Worth, Illinois has many great restaurants, such as Krapil’s Steakhouse & Patio and Michael’s Pancake House. There are also other popular destinations and activities close to Worth, IL, such as the Lake Katherine Nature Center in Palos Heights, the Children’s Museum in nearby Oak Lawn, and the Valley Plaza Shopping Center in Palos Hills.

Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Toyota Park 2018
Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Toyota Park 2018

Expert Legal Services in Worth, IL

Do you live in the Worth, IL area and have recently suffered from an injury in an accident that was the fault of another party? If you need professional legal advice from an auto accident, personal injury, or medical malpractice lawyer in Worth, IL then please get into contact with William S. Wojcik Ltd on (708) 223-7974 – our personal injury law firm in Worth, IL can provide you with the professional representation that you need to make a claim.

Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd.
Bridgeview Personal Injury | William S. Wojcik Ltd. | Bridgeview Public Library 2018

Do You Need Professional Legal Advice After an Auto Accident in Worth, IL?

Vehicle accidents can cause serious and long-lasting injuries to the person and major damage to possessions. The cause of auto accidents and other accidents on the road can range from rain and poor surfaces, to speeding, reckless driving, and distracted driving.

Here at William S. Wojcik Ltd, we can provide expert legal advice in cases where you may need a:

  • Car accident lawyer in Worth, IL

  • Trucking accident lawyer in Worth, IL

  • Motorcycle accident lawyer in Worth, IL

  • Auto accident lawyer in Worth, IL

Experiencing an auto accident in Worth, IL can be very frightening, but after seeking medical attention, it’s important to:

  • Report the details of the accident to the police & your insurance provider

  • Get the information of other parties and witnesses

  • Record expenses incurred due to the accident

  • Photograph the accident scene

  • Contact a Worth car accident attorney

If you would like to look more closely at your options for claiming compensation after an auto accident, then please call William S. Wojcik Ltd on (708) 223-7974 to speak to a qualified car accident attorney in Worth, IL.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been Injured in Worth, IL, and It Wasn’t Your Fault?

Personal injuries can occur even in the safest areas in Worth, such as in public parks or while you’re walking down the street. Tripping and falling on uneven floors, being attacked by animals, and being subjected to unsafe environments at work, are all common causes of personal injury.

The professional team at William S. Wojcik Ltd can assist you if you require a:

  • Slip and fall Law firm in Worth, IL

  • Personal injury Law Firm in Worth, IL

If you or a loved one have sustained a personal injury in Worth, IL, then after getting medical attention, you should:

  • Get the contact information of witnesses

  • Make a note of important information about the accident

  • Take pictures and measurements of the accident scene

  • Formally report the accident

  • Contact a Worth personal injury attorney

Have you been injured in Worth in an accident that you don’t believe was your fault? If so, please don’t hesitate to call William S. Wojcik Ltd on (708) 223-7974 and get professional legal advice from a personal injury and slip and fall attorney in Worth, IL.

Have You Experienced an Instance of Medical Malpractice in Worth, IL?

When a medical professional doesn’t meet the expected standard for their profession, then a case of medical malpractice may arise. Experiencing medical malpractice first-hand can cause undue fear and stress, as well as injury and loss. You may be left with many questions about what to do next, and whether there’s any course of action you can take.

William S. Wojcik Ltd can represent you and provide you with expert legal advice in cases where you may need a:

  • Negligence attorney in Worth, IL

  • Medical malpractice attorney in Worth, IL

If you believe that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice in Worth, IL, then there are a number of important steps to follow:

  • Go to another medical practice for medical assistance

  • Get a copy of your medical records

  • Switch your doctor

  • Record anything you remember about the incident

  • Contact a Worth medical malpractice lawyer

Don’t wait and worry about whether you’re entitled to compensation for medical malpractice, contact William S. Wojcik Ltd on (708) 223-7974 and speak to a medical malpractice and negligence lawyer in Worth, IL. By speaking to the experts, you can learn more about whether you could claim compensation for your injury or loss.  

How Can You Get a Legal Settlement in Worth, IL?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you’re entitled to compensation for an injury sustained in an auto accident, due to medical malpractice, or because of another accident in Worth. Making a successful claim for compensation can depend on a number of factors, including:

  • If there was a breach in the duty of care (which resulted in an injury or other damages)

  • An injury or damages arose from an incident where another party was at least 50% responsible

  • The injury or loss occurred no more than 2 years before making a claim, as per the Statute of Limitations in Illinois

If you’ve been injured or have suffered from a loss in an incident that was the majority fault of another, and the incident took place within the last two years, then please get into contact with the William S. Wojcik Ltd law firm. You can call us at any time on (708) 223-7974, and we’ll help you to understand more about your case, and if it’ll be possible to make a claim for deserved compensation.


Previous Case Results from William S. Wojcik Ltd

William S. Wojcik Ltd has been established in the Illinois area for many years, in which time our medical malpractice, personal injury and auto accident law firm have helped countless people get much-deserved compensation. Here are some examples of our past cases and the results:

$1.2 MILLION Dollar Medical Malpractice Settlement

$1.2 million settlement on behalf of newborn baby. Baby was infected perinatally with Hepatitis B. Hospital and doctor allegedly failed to administer Hepatitis B vaccine and Hepatitis B Immune Globulin at birth or during hospital stay, resulting in a chronic form of Hepatitis infection.

$950,000 Auto & Car Accident Settlement

42 year old woman injured in 3 car accident near 40th and Western in Chicago, IL. Defendants disputed liability, and the nature and extent of plaintiff's injuries.

$425,000 Tripping Accident Settlement

For women who tripped and fell out of an elevator when it mis-leveled by several inches when elevator doors opened in lobby.

$300,000 Animal Injury & Personal Injury Settlement

$300,000.00 settlement for female age 40 who was riding a horse on a forest preserve bridle path when defendant's two unleashed Rottweiler dogs allegedly attacked plaintiff's horse, which bucked, causing plaintiff to fall. Plaintiff suffered approximately two to three-inch facial scar and some dental injuries.

For Legal Services in Worth, IL, Contact William S. Wojcik Ltd Today

Are you unsure about your eligibility to claim for compensation? If you’ve been in an accident that was the fault of another, then you may be able to get compensation to cover expenses and loss. For professional representation and expert advice, make the call to William S. Wojcik Ltd on (708) 223-7974 today.

Our auto and personal injury attorneys, and medical malpractice lawyers in Worth, IL are on hand to give you the clarity that you need about your case and help you to take the next step towards achieving compensation.

Contact William S. Wojcik Law Firm at (708) 223-7974

If you or a friend or family member have suffered from a personal injury or automobile accident, or have experienced a suspected case of medical malpractice, then contact William S. Wojcik, Ltd. today on (708) 223-7974. We can help you to get the compensation that you’re entitled to.


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